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 These are all things from the past,as the ONE CLINIC in Dubai will give you the ultimate experience of enjoying silky smooth skin for longer.

Laser hair removal Technology

Ice Laser Hair Removal/ Dubai

We always strive to give our patients the latest top-notch technologies to help them look their best and get effective results that meet their expectations.
No matter what your skin tone or type is, whether you have fine or coarse hair, the ice laser hair removal in Dubai will work like magic on any area of your body and give permanent hair reduction even on tanned skin.
With the advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during the treatment, we can target larger areas while offering a super quick and pain-free experience.

Commonly Treated Areas

The ice Laser hair removal is designed to treat even the most sensitive areas of the body, like the face and the bikini area, without damaging the skin or causing any irritation.

Laser hair removal overview

Number of treatments:

minimally 6 sessions

Full recovery:


Results duration:

Long term

Carbon Laser:

Carbon Laser: A revolutionized painless treatment that uses laser beams to rejuvenate the skin, especially oily skin, to improve its texture and treat imperfections, such as acne, enlarged and clogged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with glowing, celebrity-like skin. Procedure time: 30 MINS

Laser Soft Light:

Laser Soft Light: A safe and effective treatment that softens the skin, evens its color and tone, minimizes the appearance of wide pores, and eliminates the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production and renewing the skin cells. Procedure time: 45 MINS

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Does laser hair removal give permanent results?

Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction by up to 80%.

Is laser hair removal a safe treatment?

The GENTLE MAX PRO laser device is clinically proven and 100% safe. It is designed to be used on nearly any part of the body and to target different skin types while ensuring maximum results, and as well as professional experts provide it, you will enjoy a comfortable and effective session.

How should I prepare before laser hair removal?

You will be asked to avoid waxing or plucking and direct exposure to the sun. You also have to shave the area only the night before the session.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on the area, the hair type, and the skin tone, but minimally you will need 6 sessions with 4 to 6 weeks intervals.

Is laser hair removal painful?

With the advanced laser technology at the ONE CLINIC and the continuous cooling it provides, you will have comfortable, quick sessions without feeling any pain.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients may experience redness or itching, but all will go away within 2 days.