Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Dubai

One Clinic is renowned cosmetic medical clinic in Dubai, offering an experienced team of dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and laser technicians who are committed to delivering good treatments for all groups. We provider wide range of cosmetic treatments, using the latest technologies and expertise to provide good results for our patients.

Our Mission:

The One Clinic Cosmetic Clinic is committed to delivering good treatments in Dubai. Our mission is to provide excellent service while utilizing the latest medical and cosmetic technologies available, ensuring that clients get the possible results from their treatments.

With a team of experienced professionals and honest, ethical practices in our treatments, The One Clinic is a good choice for those seeking good cosmetic treatments.

The one clinic
the one clinic dubai

Our Vision:

At One Clinic Vision, we strive for excellence and are focused on delivering cosmetic treatments in Dubai, the Middle East, and beyond. Our treatments are designed to provide a friendly and satisfactory experience that meets all expectations and ensures patient satisfaction.

Our doctors are qualified and experienced professionals who prioritize patient satisfaction above all else, and are dedicated to providing good care and support. We strive to make sure each visit is one that will be remembered fondly.

The One Clinic Offers the Following Cosmetic Treatments

  • Dentistry is a comprehensive general practice dental service that will see you from your first appointment through to the treatment of any dental emergencies.

  • At The One Clinic, we offer diagnostics and treatment for skin maladies ranging from acne to more serious conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

  • Our surgeons have an international reputation for the quality of care they provide for all plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and breast reduction.

  • Our laser hair removal treatments provide unwanted hair removal from the body. The clinic is staffed by experts who are committed to providing the best possible care for patients.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Ahmed Al Habashy General Dentist
Dr. Ahmed Al Habashy

General Dentist

Dr. Marwa Hamdy-Dermotologist Dubai
Dr. Marwa Hamdy


Dr. Karim Salah-Endodentist dubai
Dr. Karim Salah


Rima Abdallah-Dentist
Dr. Rima Abdallah



Patient Reviews

Nour Bassam
Nour Bassam
August 7, 2022.
بصدق عياده رائعه بدايه من الاستقبال بالوجه الحسن ، والمعامله الاكثر من رائعه ، وسهوله التعامل ومرونته ، الى الكادر الطبي والادارة . شكر موصول لجميع القائمين على العياده ??
Abdel Gafoor Haddad
Abdel Gafoor Haddad
August 1, 2022.
Did my first laser hair removal session today as I found its price to be the most competitive across the UAE. They use Candela GentleMax Pro (the gold standard machine for laser hair removal according to what I read). The specialist did the job professionally, they were available exactly at the booked time, and the receptionist Rita is decent and answered all inquiries on phone and in person. Looking forward to attend the remaining sessions.
sana martini
sana martini
July 24, 2022.
A BIG THANKS FOR THIS GREAT CLINIC!!!! The result is mind-blowing and i’m REALLLYYYY super satisfied from the reasult. Very very recommended!!!
Babak Babak
Babak Babak
July 18, 2022.
الصراحه بنصحكم لزيارة تجربتي معهم بخصوص الليزر جدا جميل واستقبال جدا رائع وأسعار مناسبه وايضا لديهم تقسيط
Olga Estefan
Olga Estefan
July 15, 2022.
Очень довольна результатом! Хороший сервис, внимательный персонал клиники. Доктор Ахмед грамотный специалист. В короткие сроки и, практически безболезненно- стала обладателем белоснежной улыбки, воспользовавшись услугой установки виниров и коронок 20 зубов. Рекомендую
Lola Stefan
Lola Stefan
July 15, 2022.
Хороший сервис, внимательный персонал. Доктор Ахмед грамотный специалист, в короткие сроки и, практически безболезненно- обрела белоснежную улыбку, воспользовавшись услугой установки виниров. Рекомендую, очень довольна результатом
Dharti karan Patel
Dharti karan Patel
July 15, 2022.
One clinic is best clinic..its give adorable facility and its staff is very caring & understanding.
Rafah Mekkawi
Rafah Mekkawi
July 3, 2022.
I had the best experience and result since the first session of laser hair removal and i highly recommend it

Why choose us

One Clinic is renowned medical care in Dubai, offering an experienced team of dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and laser technicians who are committed to delivering good treatments.

High Qualified Specialists
Professional Approach
Advanced  Materials

Dental Frequently Asked Questions

Dental veneers are commonly made of porcelain or composite resin and are fitted onto the front of your teeth. They can be used to correct problems caused by tooth decay, accidents, and other damage, or even just for cosmetic purposes.

The main reason people get dental veneers is to improve the appearance of their teeth. There are many reasons why someone’s teeth may not be in the best shape.

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers can be stained to match the color of a person's teeth. Dental veneers are often used to fix minor tooth imperfections. Porcelain, resin composite, and glass ionomer cement are all materials used in porcelain veneers.

Composite Veneers:

Composite veneers can transform your smile. They are thin shells of porcelain that are affixed to teeth and provide a more natural option.

The One Clinic is a leading provider of cosmetic dental care and offers a variety of services in Dubai, including dental veneers. The clinic provides the highest quality, latest technology dentistry to its patients and offers an aesthetically pleasing environment with a knowledgeable team of professionals.