Welcome to The One Clinic
Advanced Cosmetic Dental, Derma, Plastic Surgeory Clinic In Dubai

Welcome to The One Clinic
Advanced Cosmetic Dental & Dermatology Clinic In Dubai

Advanced Cosmetic Medical Clinic In Dubai The one clinic in dubai provides high quality dentistry and dermatology, plastic surgery treatments in dubai, UAE.

At The One Clinic, We believe that healthy oral and skin are directly related to your overall well-being. We provide advanced dental and cosmetic treatment to help you achieve your desired asthetics.

Our Cosmetic Treatments

Dental Clinic Dubai


Dermatology Clinic Dubai


Plastic Surgery Clinic Dubai

Plastic Surgery

Laser Hair & Skin Care Dubai

Laser Hair Removals

Meet Our Specialized Doctors

Dr. Ahmed Al Habashy - Dentist Dubai
Dr. Ahmed Al Habashy

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Marwa Hamdy-Dermotologist Dubai
Dr. Marwa Hamdy


Dr. Karim Salah-Endodentist dubai
Dr. Karim Salah


Rima Abdallah-Dentist
Dr. Rima Abdallah



Patient Reviews

Nour Bassam
Nour Bassam
August 7, 2022.
بصدق عياده رائعه بدايه من الاستقبال بالوجه الحسن ، والمعامله الاكثر من رائعه ، وسهوله التعامل ومرونته ، الى الكادر الطبي والادارة . شكر موصول لجميع القائمين على العياده 🌺🌺
Abdel Gafoor Haddad
Abdel Gafoor Haddad
August 1, 2022.
Did my first laser hair removal session today as I found its price to be the most competitive across the UAE. They use Candela GentleMax Pro (the gold standard machine for laser hair removal according to what I read). The specialist did the job professionally, they were available exactly at the booked time, and the receptionist Rita is decent and answered all inquiries on phone and in person. Looking forward to attend the remaining sessions.
sana martini
sana martini
July 24, 2022.
A BIG THANKS FOR THIS GREAT CLINIC!!!! The result is mind-blowing and i’m REALLLYYYY super satisfied from the reasult. Very very recommended!!!
Babak Babak
Babak Babak
July 18, 2022.
الصراحه بنصحكم لزيارة تجربتي معهم بخصوص الليزر جدا جميل واستقبال جدا رائع وأسعار مناسبه وايضا لديهم تقسيط
Olga Estefan
Olga Estefan
July 15, 2022.
Очень довольна результатом! Хороший сервис, внимательный персонал клиники. Доктор Ахмед грамотный специалист. В короткие сроки и, практически безболезненно- стала обладателем белоснежной улыбки, воспользовавшись услугой установки виниров и коронок 20 зубов. Рекомендую
Lola Stefan
Lola Stefan
July 15, 2022.
Хороший сервис, внимательный персонал. Доктор Ахмед грамотный специалист, в короткие сроки и, практически безболезненно- обрела белоснежную улыбку, воспользовавшись услугой установки виниров. Рекомендую, очень довольна результатом
Dharti karan Patel
Dharti karan Patel
July 15, 2022.
One clinic is best clinic..its give adorable facility and its staff is very caring & understanding.
Rafah Mekkawi
Rafah Mekkawi
July 3, 2022.
I had the best experience and result since the first session of laser hair removal and i highly recommend it

Why choose us

The One Clinic is a leading provider of advanced cosmetic treatment in Dubai. Over 20 years of experience and trust in our ability to provide a suitable care plan for every age group. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments, from dental to derma and plastic surgical procedures, and everything in between. Whatever your goals are for your appearance, we can help you achieve them.

High-Quality Dentistry:
The One Clinic focuses on preventive and restorative dental services to meet the needs of any patient.

Reliable Dermatology Services:
We are committed to providing the best dermatological care. That includes superior cosmetic procedures, but also skin care solutions that meet their very specific needs.

Advanced Plastic Surgery:
We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments for both men and women. Some of the most popular procedures include rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

Services with World Class and Qualified Specialists:
We have a team of qualified dentists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who specialize in treating children, adults, couples, and anyone who is looking for high-quality medical assistance.

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